Miyakoichi 都一

Miyakoichi Co., Ltd. was established in 1930 and started the production of nama udon in the 1970s. At the same time, Nansen Trading has introduced Miyakoichi nama udon to the Hong Kong market. Miyakoichi nama udon is one of the very first udon brands in Hong Kong and has been very popular among the Hong Kong consumers. Made from good quality wheat flour and natural ingredients, Miyakoichi nama udon has good elasticity with a good bite to it and has an optimal shelf life of about ten (10) months. Miyakoichi nama udon can be a good breakfast, lunch or dinner. It can be served in hot soup or stir fried with meat and vegetables. Apart from udon, yakisoba is also a popular and easy to cook product from Miyakoichi. Similar to the Miyakoichi udon, yakisoba also has an optimal shelf life of about ten (10) months.
都一株式會社於1930年成立,並於七十年代開始生產烏冬,而南信貿易也在此時將都一烏冬引進香港。當時,都一是香港的第一批烏冬品牌,自推出後便深受消費者歡迎。 都一烏冬採用上等小麥粉及天然成份製造..